The Humpback whales are back!

Did you know that Panama is the only place in the world where Humpback whales from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres come to breed and give birth?

Thousands of Humpbacks migrate northwards from their summer feeding grounds around Antarctica, arriving in the region from July through September. They breed and give birth to their calves in the warm, shallow and safe waters that can be found here in Panama just a few miles off-shore from Panama City and along the entire Pacific coast.

Suggested places to watch these beautiful giants along with an organised tour program to see more of the diversity and highlights of Panama by Ancon Expeditions: the Darien (short adventures, Journey Between the Seas), Pearl Islands (day tours or short adventures), Azuero Peninsula, Gulf of Chiriqui (Cala Mia, Isla Palenque), Islas Secas, Coiba National Park.

For day tours from Panama City, Las Perlas archipelago, located about 35 miles from the Panama Canal´s southern entrance in Panama City is the best bet. It comprises more than 100 islands and is rich in history and natural beauty. Native Indians inhabited the islands until 16th century. Spanish Conquistadors came in search of fortune, glory, and the archipelagos coveted pearls. During this period legend says Isla Contadora or “Counting Island” became the central point where pearls from around the region were sent to be counted, registered, and prepared for transit over the isthmus and finally shipped to Spain. The archipelago has also served as a haven for Pirates from which they would stage daring assaults on the treasure laden Spanish Fleet, returning to the islands sanctuary to divide and stash their plunder.

The humpback whale & dolphin watching day tour starts at 08:00 hrs in Panama City and returns around 17:00 hrs with a 99% chance of seeing whales! In Panama we also have resident pods of Pantropical spotted dolphins, Pacific bottlenose dolphins, Short-beaked common dolphins and Spinner dolphins and more, which you’ll also be looking for during this day tour. BBQ lunch on Bolaños Island included.

Contact Ancon Expeditions of Panama for booking requests:

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