Well-being. Well-travelled: Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation. Panama.

According to the Gallup-Healthways Global Well-Being Index from 2013, Panama ranks as the happiest country in the world. Even in latest rankings, Panama is among the top well-being and happiness places to be. The year-round warm climate, abundant flora and fauna, strong and growing economy, tremendous music and art performances, diversity in people, culture, history and food are only a few reasons to be named why it feels so good being in Panama!

Are you ready for a getaway? You deserve a time out. To reconnect to nature and your inner self. Slow down. Breathe in and out, slowly and mindfully. Feel the earth’s beautiful vibration. Listen to the forest and its habitants, the ocean, the wind. Smell the fresh rain. Taste the sweetness of a fresh, natural juice, the richness of a home-brew cup of coffee. Do, what nurtures you.

You are cordially invited to experience Panama’s natural beauty and positive energy while making your well-being the utmost priority. Come and unplug, connect to nature, meet nice people, and deepen your yoga and meditation practice with the guidance of your skilled and intuitive teacher Yasmin. You will have a chance to do yoga, meditate, appreciate nature, daily tours and excursions, and as a bonus, you will get a certificate in yoga and Ayurveda healing! Whether you come solo, as a couple or with a friend, you will immediately be made to feel at home and at ease in our beautiful settings and wonderful community. We do all the extra touches to make your experience truly memorable.

The yoga offered is a slow but steady, vinyasa flow practice that will be workshop style and therapeutic focused. All levels of yoga students are welcome as practices are tailored to suit the individual needs and interests of each student.

Your host, Yasmin, is a Guinness World Record holder for the longest yoga marathon and has taught yoga internationally for over 16 years. Originally from Montreal, she is known for her soulful, yet practical style of teaching. Yasmin offers unique experiences enriched by ayurveda, poetry, music, dance and nature.

More information: www.anconexpeditions.com/tours/multi-day-vacations/yogapanama


mounttotumas Mountain Retreat (Chiriqui Highlands) – MOUNT TOTUMAS
April 7-15, 2018
US$2,750 per person plus 7% tax (in DBL)* 
Single supplement: US$600 plus 7% tax
*SAVE 40% if you arrive on your own for the main 6-night retreat!
Ocean Retreat in Boca Chica (Pacific Ocean) – BOCAS DEL MAR
June 23 – July 1, 2018
US$3,100 per person plus 7% tax (in DBL)*
Single supplement: US$620 plus 7% tax
*SAVE 30% if you arrive on your own for the main 6-night retreat!
Ocean Retreat in Bocas del Toro (Caribbean) – TRANQUILO BAY 
October 27 – November 4, 2018
US$3,100 per person plus 7% tax (in DBL)*
Single supplement: US$900 plus 7% tax
*SAVE 25% if you arrive on your own for the main 6-night retreat!

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