Global Big Day – every bird counts!

Stripe-Cheeked Woodpecker


This Saturday, May 9, 2020 we invite you to observe and count the birds around you as part of the annual event: Global Big Day. In case you may not be able to leave your house due to current health and safety recommendations by your local authorities, we encourage you that, even from your window, balcony or garden, this is a fun opportunity for your family to see which species you might be able to spot nearby!

How to become part of the global community of birders and share the birds you see around your home? Go to for more information. It’s easy and for free!

Even with a strict lockdown this weekend in order to slow down the pandemic of COVID-19 we here in Panama are very excited to be part of the Global Big Day.

Panama is one of the world’s birding hot spots and boasts an impressive list of 1000 recorded species, according to Bird Checklists of the World. Bird watching in Panama is easy and rewarding. The country’s geographical position allows access to two great mother lodes of avian diversity. In the central part of the country, within the Panama Canal watershed at famous Pipeline Road within Soberania National Park, you can expect to find alone more than 500 bird species! Metropolitan Nature Park, which is the only protected rain forest within capital city limits in Latin America, hosts more than 260 bird species, only 10 minutes driving from downtown Panama City and 25 minutes from Tocumen International Airport!

Of the 1000 species, 167 are rare and twelve are endemic to Panama: such as Stripe-cheeked Woodpecker, Pirre Bush Tanager, Green-naped Tanager, Beautiful Treerunner, Azuero Parakeet, Coiba Spinetail, Glow-throated Hummingbird.

Ancon Expeditions of Panama is proud to offer its travelers and avid birders a unique experience and profound expertise with top-notch birding guides such as Hernan Arauz, widely regarded as one of Latin America´s best. Contact us for tailor-made itineraries or fixed departures to the recently re-opened Burbayar Nature Reserve located within the Choco-Darien biogeographic region which hosts many of the Eastern Panama specialties in addition to being home to Pacific, Caribbean slope and foothill bird species.



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